1. uuuuuuuhhhhhhh my neck brace aches

  3. sea feet


  4. On Loop news

    Last year the super talented Christine Hooper and I wrote a film together, which Christine also directed. Now ‘On Loop’ is part of British Comedy Awards ‘Best Internet Comedy Programme’ online vote which has the potential to get it shown on Channel 4. If you feel like voting it’s just one click…

    It’s also part of the Lumen Digital Art Prize, you can vote for it with a simple click of a button, so why don’t you?

    See On Loop here- http://vimeo.com/m/104894544

  5. On Loop, the film I wrote with @christinehooper1 is short listed for the Lumen Prize! Watch it on Vimeo immediately.

  6. New Brautigan Free Press zine out today! Read all about sleep and dreams and corn. brautiganfreepress.co.uk

  7. explore-blog:

    An 11-year-old boy recreates David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest in Lego – a superb addition to these visual interpretations of the massive novel.

    giving me the howling fantods

  9. wet-dust:

    Trailer for my graduation film ‘Feelings’ made at the RCA.

    Written by Victoria Manifold. 

    Music composed and produced by Kerry Leatham and Finnola D’albert. 


  10. wet-dust:

    Absolutely delighted to have my short film Feelings selected for the London International Animation Festival.